PWMAngband suggestions: wilderness and houses

Some discussion with PW and a fe suggestions:

Originally Posted by PowerWyrm 
“This doesn’t work atm, minimum isn’t 6, but 8”

Works perfectly, must be your addon. But if you want less, I can reduce to a 1/8 of the max (10×3) instead of 1/4, so you’ll be able to get a smaller term 1 for messages.

Addon just removes header of window and doesn’t influence other way. But I figured out how to solve it for now – it works (to have 6 rows) only if I apply addon when I start a client and yet didn’t enter the game (stay on login screen). But if I apply addon later on – min. rows becomes 8.

So there is definitelly a bug, but as I’ve found a way to solve it (protecting .ini file and applying addon before login) – it’s not a critical one.

Originally Posted by PowerWyrm 
“maybe it’s possible to assign to ignore all kind of item type (eg books, corpses) in game options”

Yes it is, option menu (=) then i) item ignoring setup

It doesn’t work. It’s impossible to assign there to ignore all kind of books at once; only books which you already found, they appear there one by one. Is it a bug then?

Originally Posted by PowerWyrm 
“is there even a way to auto inscribe?”

No. There’s such system in Vanilla, but I have no idea what it’s for… You pick a set of inscriptions (for example: @r1 = ?Phase) and each time you pick up an item it automatically put the inscription?

There is a problem:
every time when you die and start a new character – you have to inscribe manually all items again – all scrolls, potions & etc. And you die quite often in PWMA. And it’s very annoying to reinscribe items after each death. 

So there could be two possible solution:

1) allow to macro with name of the item, like @Phase (right now you should use @r1 for it). Then after you saved macroses once – you don’t need to bother about inscribing items again
2) auto-iscription feature

I would prefer first variant, it’s more comfortable.

Originally Posted by PowerWyrm 
“- add an option to limit amount of characters per acount (‘RPG server’) to 1 // IT’S ALREADY THERE Ding! %)”

Already there? o_O
Anyway the limit is hardcoded iirc and I can simply put that into a variable.

yeah, I messed it with NO_GHOST mode (which is already there, yay!  this feature (1 character per account) – isn’t there and it would be GREAT to have it D

Some more stuff which I’ve noticed during todays stream in Russian:

1) ‘R’ -> ‘m’ (rest till morning) didn’t work at my server (donno why). Is it works only at localhost?


a) wilderness is too hard to pass. There is should be a road from Hobbiton to Bree (it was there @ Tolkien) and Brandywine Bridge over Baranduin.. I didn’t manage to find Bree and.. I’m quite experienced online roguelike player (3+ years) and I’ve read Tolkien like.. hm.. 30 times. If there would be a road – it would be more lore-precise and also easier to find it

b) wilderness is too dangerous. First newbie dungeon should be 250 ft at least. So it wouldb e possible to get some survivability before going out. And if there is no way to ‘R’ -> ‘m’ (#1) – then first town should be till -1500 ft (so player wouldn’t be insta-killed by 12-h hydra at night)

c) problem of wilderness – you have to move near border to run away from monsters. it’s very cheezy way to play, non-roguelikish. But it’s the only way to survive, cause monsters are too powerful.

At the same time, if monster would be weak, it would become boring.. So there should be found a middle.. Like – lvl of monster could depend on lvl of character which currently exploring location. Or monsters power could depend on how far away player are from map center, eg. like this:

So problem is: it’s pretty easy to run away from monstes in open-world. You just go to another sector – and you are safe (a least if there is nothing dangerous at another sector hehe).

As it’s quite impossible imho to make monster follow player to the next sector when player flee, we could do this:
– if player engaged in combat in open-world, ‘bind’ player for some time in current sector, so player can’t leave this location immediatelly. Actually right now we got quite close mechanics, but in terms of running – when player not in combat he could run faster x5, when player see active monster – you move with regular speed. In open-world this mechanics would look a bit different: when you engaged in combat – you can’t ‘pass’ sector line – and have to wait 30 seconds in combat; but if you kill enemy – then ‘bind’ would be released immideatelly and you could exit sectom right away.

Such mechanics would give wide possibilities to make open-world more real and interesting. And it won’t be needed to have too pwoerful monsters around 

3) it would be great to be able to save ‘ignore’ settings, so you won’t need to add items to ignore list every time you died

4) gameplay modes (= c). It would be great to move all this modes to server .cfg file. I’m not sure, but I suppose right now it’s possible to cheeze, eg. two player, one with birth_n_selling to get more gold, second without it. 1st could give 2nd items to sell in shops. 

5) currently my server works in no_wilderness mode (reasons why is above). It would be great to add there some houses. I suppose they could be added in quite funny way – like a ‘storage’ houses in TomeNET, but entrances could be right in the ‘walls’ of a dungeon, like this:

It’s great to have the all server population in one town, feels very active and alive. So having some houses around would make everything just perfect 😀

6) add /empty command to empty potions?

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