PWMAngband – new server

Hooray! I’ve launched  server @ PWMAngband – online roguelike game with innovative features. To get there:

  1. download the game on (choose the latest version, even if it beta)
  2. unpack and run the game (mangclient.exe). If you wish to play in fullscreen mode, you can use my addon). Soon I’ll add guides about game customization.
  3. choose server:

Server homepage:

Two more cents:
1) atm it’s in testing mode. There should be only one character per account soon (now it’s unlimited), so when this functionality would implemented – there would be a wipe.
2) you could find there some pretty unusual features, for example, the stairs are “disconnected” (so when you go downstairs, you can not run back immideatelly – you need to find stairs again) to prevent stair scumming.
3) the map of the game is based on Tolkien’s world .. be careful when traveling at night 🙂 You appear in the Hobbiton, where there is only a small newbie dungeon; experienced players should try to get to the Bree (rumors say it’s somewhere at east).
UPDATE: I turned off wilderness for now because of certain problems. Now it’s vanilla Angband dungeon-town 😀

Have questions? Join the PWMAngband discord:

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