[idea] MUD gameplay within roguelike

Currently I play MUDs and I was inspired a lot by playing them.

Actually TomeNET could be called roguelike-MUD MMORPG, cause there is game message windows and it’s possible to give players a lot of stuff to read there.


1) Add new option in-game – to show ‘expanded’ descriptions of location which triggers when you come at certain place.
2) MUD approach to NPC: TomeNET doesn’t need to show NPC on tiles as ‘@’ or ‘t’ symbols. They could be just shown in message window, like in MUDs. Example:

For example, when you come close to Prancing Pony – give this text to message window:

From the outside it looks cheerful, folksy and humble. Clay and carved pillars make up most of the building’s outer structure. It’s near impossible to see through the large, curtained windows, but the clapping and cheering from within can be felt outside.

When you enter Bree tavern you see:

As you enter the tavern through the small, softwooden door, you’re welcomed by cheerful singing and excitement. The bartender is extremely busy, but still manages to welcome you with a short wave. You see Barliman.

If you would execute command:
/examine Barliman

You get:

A short, fat, red-faced Man, he appeared to have had a rather bad memory, “One thing drives out another” he says.

If you execute command:
/tell Barliman Hello! Do you need help?

It would be trigger for a quest.

(tavern description was auto-generated there: http://www.fantasynamegenerators.com/ta … ptions.php )

TomeNET got high RP (roleplaying) potential. Adding possibility to trigger interesting RP text would enrich gameplay enormously!

Also I’ve started to play DnD and wanna share this book https://jambrose.info/file_browser/Dung … 0Guide.pdf – it could help to get inspiration for text into the game..

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