Looking for MUDs without scripters and afk-macrosers

1) Are there any MUD around where developers fights VS unnatural scripted style of gameplay? So players would play manually, without need to AFK-macro. At least have anti-afk capcha?

2) I wonder are there any MUD which have such gameplay, which prevent (or at least make it not so effective) players from using scripts? So player to be effective has to push hotkeys (ex: F1-F12) MANUALLY… So it would be like player-human would win VS player-scripter on trigger-steroids

p.s. I feel myself like a robot in fantazy world with all this macro-industry around me.. WTF.. Not fun.

p.p.s. Maybe it’s all this scripts – what made *some* people to move to WoW-like games from MUDs, cause at WoW you have to do all by your hands (WoW bots are a joke and any mediocre player play better); and AFAIS in MUDs you need just to write good triggers/scripts to be successful 🙁 I enjoy playing text-based game, read all rooms descriptions, to live in this magic atmosphere.. but all this scripting religion really killing me.

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  1. AsteriaMUD says:

    Hello there. Saw your reddit post requesting posts here…Asteria is a new MUD which uses active combat where it’s highly random, you have to adjust often. You CAN use simple triggers but not to the degree they play the game for you. Botting is against our rules and we try to prevent that. Haven’t seen any so far. We’re PVE only. We’ve tried to base a lot of our quality of life and other features around MMOs like WoW.
    asteriamud.com 1111

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