Mystera Legacy GUIDE by Tangar

There I’ll put notices, advices and secrets which could help ya in Mystera Legacy 🙂

— controls: move with arrow-keys. To pick up items use “shift”, to turn your character around – ctrl+arrow. To attack/interact – “space”.

— when you start to play try to read “chat”. Game gives you advices what to do. Use “/quest” command to understand what to do; “/help” to find out base controls.

— speak in general chat “/b …”, private message “/t [name] …”.

— be kind and nice, ML is a game with very intimate community. If you would do bad things everybody would know about eventually and give you what you deserve… Of course, there are “bad guys”, they also part of the game and without them game would be not so interesting.. But while you are a new player its wise to be kind cause experienced players would wipe you easely if you would do nasty stuff (stealing, PKing without purpose & etc).

— try to put seeds back to the ground after you chop down tree or collect berries. It would grow again and another player (or even you) could harvest it again. Its nice behaviour 🙂

— DO NOT logout or exit game in open spaces or in house if it has pass. You would be killed by other players cause your character do not dissapear after logout. Build a simple cross around your character – four wooden walls. Each wall cost 20 wood. Very cheap and nice defence for a beginning. Soon better to build something bigger, cause if you stay near wall, PK could kill you with AoE damage.

— DO NOT build too near public places/player-runned-sights. Public buildings – its a places with staircases for example. Do not block entrance there or other players would punish you for it! Also there are some parks, made by players, you could find informaton if you would read signposts near them (to read, use “space” when you do not have anything in hards).

— you can’t die from starving, but its wise to eat. Without food your hp would drop to 25% and without any HP regen.

— to destroy doors or other interactable objects – him them from the distance with a hammer (it has AoE).

— you could modify terrain in ML – just dig ground near deep water and you would get another tile. You could make a lake in a desert such way.

— to drop certain amour of objects (split stack of items), use “/drop …”

— if you are not very good with English – you could translate chat if you use Google Chrome browser; just click at chat with RMB and select “translate…”

Find recipes there:

Guide would continue…

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