Mystera Legacy: farewell.. and welcome again!

So, guys  Its time to make a break to the game. I was killed by somebody – don’t wanna mention his name to make it famous  Interesting how they got me – I was behind 2 walls with floors and 1 additional wall with nature tiles.. You could use underground to pass nature-tiles wall, but I also had two full repaired stone walls with floors. No shallow water or dirt inside. Also I putted new floor tiles daily. Mistery  May be just brute force while I slept.

Anyway it happens in this kind of games and its right. For me its a sign that its time to make a pause. I played quite intense last few days and get tired a bit 

All my stuff and houses are free to grab, who would be first – could take everything, I don’t mind.

Also please note, that all “Tangar” characters from now on – its not me, but another mischief players who pretends to be me. When I’ll return to the game – I’ll make a video stream about it – its how you could know that I’m returned  And I’ll return for sure… %)

Thanks for the game, guys! It was awesome time. Especially thats to Captain and Ceaser. Cap, you are the very best member of community. Ceaser – you are the very fair judge of doomsday  Thanks for all people who I meet – this game has very great community, much better then other MMORPGs. I’ll miss you all. Good bye!

About my guild – GoT. Its disbanded. It was fun to play together. We would reincarnate in other worlds.

New life? Life after death!

After I was killed and grabbed I do not see any use of beign alone, to live alone in huge castle, like it was before my death. I lost huge amount of treasures.. But why I collected them? What for? Now I do not have them – and I do not need them. When you loose everything, you understand that you do not need anything 

Death is cleansing. I do not have ambitions to come to power anymore or grow in ladder. I just wanna be regular part of community. I’m casual player, who want to fish, help community, build roads, have adventures in dungeons… I don’t wanna go to politics or be part of intrigues. I had too much of theese. Of course I’ll fight for my friends and would protect good and fight with evil. But I don’t wanna investigate anything, I’ll just listen for people who I trust. Thats it. I don’t wanna be judge, I’ll be rather soldier… in this life. Maybe in my next reincarnation it would change, who knows.

Cya in-game 

Bans in MMORPG in example of Mystera Legacy

I against censorship. Especially in virtual world. Ban = censorship. So…

1) freedom! no bans! Its like the death penalty in real world, BAD THING.. especially automated one. Btw you could be attacked with yours weapon – its possible to use proxy, create 20 characters and ban anyone with this “auto-feature”.
2) bans by IP or by account is useless cause there are a lot of free proxy. you just show the troll that he got you and he want to continue. DONT FEED THE TROLL %)
3) player who get banned could do nasty stuff, trust me… For example, DDOS which could kill the game (I know some “small-scale” MMORPGs which died cause of it). Better to teach bad guys in regular, gameplay ways… Ban makes people cross the line.

So, solutions for bad behaviour problem:
1) If you do not like someone – just use “/ignore [name]” command.
2) if you want to change something to good – find and “teach” bad person a good manners by fire and sword.

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