Why do I want to create my own online game?

Why I’ve decided to create my own online game?

Part I – current MMORPGs decline

mud-roguelike-z-MMORPG (MuRz?) It would look like ‘text browser online game’ , but with quite deep (complex) UI and some 2D graphics (map & some other stuff).

Online games evolution: mud -> 2d-roguelike -> MMORPG

1) Everything started from MUDs. 
2) Then MUDs took certain roguelike elements (Tibia, Runescape & etc) and became 2d-MMORPGs.
3) 2d-MMORPG took graphics from singleplayer RPGs and they become modern MMORPGs (3d or isometric).Problem:
Every time when progress proceeded, during this evolution iof online games genre, certain amount of gameplay features was lost – in exchange to ‘pictures’ (graphics).

Reason why we want to make new online game:
To bring gameplay freedom and variativity from MUDs and roguelikes to MMORPG, cause current MMORPG genre gameplay became very limited. 

Why modern MMORPGs became ‘limited’ (‘shallow water’)?

1) marketing & managment (people who managing and ‘sell’ game do not play games themself, they just don’t get it). 
2) graphics hype
3) poor gamedesigners and coders (professional, but bound to managment bad decisions)
4) gamedev engines (unity & etc).

Our idea – to take best from all this genres and add there our ideas about “how MMORPG has to be played”.

What we would take from:
– muds – take from there HUGE degree of _characters’ freedom_
– roguelikes – take random generated enviroment and unpredictable gameplay _situations_
– MMORPGs – it would be a _wrapper_ for other ideas. Currently MMORPG genre design got cancer, its broken, its misleading. 
– ‘Z’ero playing games – biggest problem of MMORPGs – progression. And we would solve it with ‘Z’ – zero playing part. It’s not completely ‘Z’ game, we would use some limited elements from there.

And then we would add our INNOVATIVE idea:
Loads of different _enviroment factors_, which player has to take into account, to remeber then when he make certain decisions. 

It’s not only enviromental factors like weather, or character condition. It has to be RNG based (but predictable in certain ways) principles of NATURE (physical conditions, psyphological conditions (for NPC) & etc).

Part II – I want to make my World real

I’m a writer. Ok, rookie-writer. I’m writing my fantazy book for years (15 or more?).

I’ve created my fantazy world. And I want to go there ‘for real’. To make it real.

What it gives us?

Lore. It’s already there. It’s rich and it’s made NOT for a game. But game based at this lore.

In most cases World created _for_ the game. We got different approach. Book is a part of the game, actually it’s appeared decade before I started think about this game. Game created around world. Which isn’t finished, isn’t dead. It’s alive and developing in my head right now.

It give me additional motivation for developing this game.


I belive that we can do it. It would be long way, but we would manage it. Why? Because it is fun. It’s great positive feeling – to create NEW WORLD. To make it real. Please stay tuned 

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