Diablo 3 VS Devilian — battle for BEST Hack’n’Slash experience

Which hack’n’slash is better – Devilian or Diablo 3? Comparison of combat systems would show you everything in my new video

So guys.. What do you think about this comparison? 

I got discussion with Xyth:

Nah, compare melee dynamics maybe? Diablo 3 offers way more dynamic game then Devilian (for melee)

Diablo 3:

-More farm options, every item drops anywhere.
-Random dungeons.
-Not p2w.
-Better community
-Better forum
-Better graphics
-Better end game.

And D3 has a story mode.

Don’t get me wrong Devilian is a good game with a great potential.

In melee Devilian still got more options >> dynamics 🙂 Not all what you pointed is important for comparison (like forum… its not really influence at game), but still I would like to comment your points.

– More farm options, every item drops anywhere.

Devilian would get more options at february patch (54 lvl content with raids & etc)

– Random dungeons.

Yeah, it good thing. Hope to see it in Devilian too (not so hard to implement)

– Not p2w.

Can’t agree. To play Diablo 3 you have to pay 50$ for a game. Devilian is totally free. Everything is possible to obtain for f2p player without any donate. Also Diablo 3 already got items shop added. Soon there would be a lot of stuff (exp boosters announced).

– Better community

Can’t agree with it too. Community is the same, but D3 has more blizz’ fanboys. Also in Diablo there is no guild system (guilds is just a nonsense, you could be member of 100 guilds-communities at the same time). No guild purpose and content. So actual, real game comminities in Devilian is far better; in Diablo without trading system and with 4ppl per game no need to talk with anyone at all. When you play Devilian @ 20vs20 its another feeling.

– Better forum

Nope. B-net forum is a joke – no possibilities at all (like signatures for example). Also Devilian has devs at forum and they are active.

– Better graphics

Its hard to compare, style is different. Devilian has more realistical style. Also please note that in this video I recorded Devilian with lowest video setting (cause I play PvP and streaming – so I need fast performance) and Diablo had max settings.

Also Devilian got some awesome isometric panorama’s (bridges & etc) 😀

– Better end game.

In Diablo there are no PvP! No guilds, no competiton.. no fun 🙂 So for me Devilian still better, even without new PvE content (again – which would be released in Feburary)… Diablo 3 is quite mature game and Devilian is just released. We would be able to compare end-game PvE content of this games later, right now its fair to compare only actual core gameplay systems – like combat 🙂 Thats why I’ve made this video.

Also Devilian has better PvE boss fights in general. In Devilian its hard to kill a boss, its close to WoW – you need tactics. In Diablo its just tank&spank (I play HC only, I know what I’m talking).


Lets be honest there – Devilian isn’t bad game. It has advantages and disadvantages. Advantages – combat system, MMO setting+hack’n’slash, possibility to PvP and raiding within _this_ hack’n’slash setting. Its unique gaming experience. Also note, that this advantages are constant, you cant remove them from the game.

In other hand, disadvantages is temporary. Lack of PvE content, class disbalance, PvP GW problems & etc – all this problems WOULD be solved eventually.They are not constant. And it makes good perspectives for Devilian.

World isn’t black or white. There are a lot of shades. When you call Devilian bad game you just pointed at its dark side. People like to divide everything to good and bad. But its wrong picture of reality. Devilian is fresh released game which has to be polished. And I belive it would be polished successful. Diablo 3 was quite shallow game at release, after 4 years its much better. Devilian is more faster developing game then Diablo, but it still needs some time.

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