How we are going to create our online game? Technologies

Actually… What is _online game_ ? The answer is:

1) DATABASE. which got proceeded by certain…
2) programming enviroment (language)…
3) and wrapped into UI to make gameplay situations easier to ‘read’ by player. EX: put all boring but important stuff to the map. All repeated actions to UI…
4) which has to have some illustrations to simplify game ‘reading’ further. It’s fun to have some 2D graphics. But it’s first purpose – make game more ‘readable’. Second purpose – make it easier to imagine what’s going on 

What do we need for it?1) Mysql. Perfect DB system for online projects // by Tangar
2) PHP. Perfect for back-end work with DBs // by Tangar
3) JavaScript and some HTML for front-end and UI // by Shtukensia
4) raster and vector graphics // by Shtukensia (she is great artist )

Why browser?
We do not need client to make our game more interesting or more beautiful… or to give it more scale. It’s TEXT-based MMORPG with UI elements and map. And it’s turn-based (fast pased turns, which proceeded automatically every ~10 seconds, no need to wait for other player turn).

About development:
1) Right now we are learning technologies. Yep, we just started. It’s huge fun to learn coding; we would make streams about it (already made two).
2) Game do not have certain release date. It’s project for years (cause of it’s complexity and our rookie-skills). I belive that after ~6 months there would be something which you could start playing (to test some stuff at least); it would be pretty raw and far away from ideas which we have, but still.
3) Considering fundraising. We create this game not for money, but because we want to have this special place in World Wide Web, where it would be interesing to spend time, in this special Magical World. But we would be glad if you could support us – it would give us more time for game developing – , cause currently we have to spend our time for other commecial projects to earn something for living. In any case, even without donations we would still do our best and would work at this project at daily basis as we work right now. It isn’t project for profit, it’s my dream.

Thank you for your attention, catguys 

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