Ultima Online at UOForever shard

I’m old UO player. I started at 1999 at classic OSI severs (Atlantic, Drachenfels, Catskills, Europe) then went to Siege Perilous (2003).

Also I played at loads of free shards, especially at period from 2001 till 2004. From time to time I’m playing OSI and private UO servers till now.

A few months ago I started a character at UOForever (uoforever.com) private server. This is really interesting place with a lot of PvP activities like in old times. I could recommend everyone who want to feel old spirit of UO this shard.

I still play at OSI (Siege Perilous), so I also wanna to call you there too. Support official UO servers time to time, guys! Lets it be alive. Its really fun @ Siege Perilous, but not much people. I hope official UO would go f2p one day and more players would come to SP.

Update: UOForever devs banished thiefs at Brit bank, so I quitted this server. Such a pity that devs do not understand that thiefs is one of the most important component of UO spirit (I’m not thief btw).

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