Albion Online: how to make it ‘casual friendly’

The problem: casual player wouldn’t have much to do after 1-2 months. At first it’s exiting just to run around; kill mobs; gather resources; get into first PvP battles… But eventually you have to end up in black zones which are occupied by gangs and zergs and there isn’t much _FAIR_ (‘MOBA style’ actually) PvP. Casual players NEEDS fair PvP, with equal players-amount/chances/gear; so only your playing skill would matter; not the time which you spend on grind or how much ‘friends’ do you have in your zerg.

It’s great that now we got Arenas. There is still problem when you queue as solo player and get VS premade (I stopped playing until it would be fixed), but anyway it’s huge progress towards FAIR PvP. What do we need now:

1) we need possibility to gain fame at arenas​. Arena tokens isn’t good motivation to play it (especially when you could buy them at market 1 per 3k silver). We need fame to become stronger and get chances to compete in long-term. 
2) It would be nice to get something for loosing battle at Arenas. Why not? People make huge efforts fighting, why not to give some fame for their bravery, even if they loose? Fame amount has to be based at player arena score – the more kills/assist/points you made – the more fame you would get (so people wouldn’t harass this system in AFK).
3) The most important: we need battlegrounds, like in W@W; 10vs10, 15vs15 & etc group PvP. FAIR group PvP. Lets it would give much less rewards then open-world events, but it’s where we would have equal chances. Overwise there is not much place for casual players, except arenas.

This game is about PvP and MOBA-style combat and after some time casual population would decline, if there wouldn’t be content fo us. We need fair conditions, we need ‘playing-skill’-based PvP.

How to make small-scale PvP viable: make yellow HG as 2vs2 battles

Currently small-scale PvP almost do not exist in the game. Thanks Gods, now we got Areana solo queue for fair solo PvP experience, but still there isn’t much options for 2vs2 or 3vs3 for example.

Now it would be great to make Yellow HG as 2 vs 2 battles so it would be possible to have small-scale rewarding PvP (cause blue HG are totally useless, almost no fame and silver there, so nobody interested in it).
It would give possibility to have more options in PvP gameplay depending at your playing style – to go solo @ arenas, to go 2vs2 Yellow Hellgates, or 5 vs 5 pre-made & etc.

A lot of people play Albion Online together with best friend or like a family (personally I play together with my wife). It would give a lot of players new options for gameplay!

We need instructions and better guides about PvP interactions (fights for city / territory)

I’m making guides myself (in Russian, playlist: … 4yDlGbDJx​ ) and trying to share my knowledge about all aspects of the game. Also I’m not new player to MMORPG, I started from UO (1999) and played loads of games; EX: Eve Online for a while.

What I could say. The most HARDEST system in Ablion Online for understanding – GvG, battles for cities/plots. There are no guides about it; maybe cause guilds do not share their knowledge about this mechanics (maybe cause they do not want competition?). The only guide which I found: … ritory+55​ is pretty _dull_, cause there are no information how actually _particiapate_ in this fights. What do I (as guild leader) has to do for it (no idea where is this interface). How much people do I need & etc.

So… Please make _detailed_ guide about all kind of PvP interactions. PvP is a core of Albion Online, but most of casual players HAVE NO IDEA how to participate in this activities (I read such comments under my videos). EX: guild leaders in our casual Alliance (10+ guilds) also have no idea how to participate in this activities. The only thing which people know – hellgates / black zone fights.

It’s very essential to give such information now, as soon as possible. So players would see _the reason_, why to play, what they could do in Albion Online in their future. Wich current information it’s very unclear.

Albion Online – add possibility to seed all seeds at once for some silver

Everyone like to gather harvest. It’s big joy to have a result for the work  But to seed all seeds one by one.. It’s not fun after some time (after 2 weeks for me personally).  I like gather my carrot one by one, but gather and then put seeds and then water them – it’s too much…

It would be great to have possiblity to pay somekind of NPC (lets it would be funny guy hehe) some silver so he would seed all seeds into the field for you.

Also I heard that some baaad players using automatic scripts to seed/harvest at their island.. And there is no way to detect it (nobody can report there, they are alone). If there would be option to seed all seeds at once – this behavoir wouldn’t be popular  Double profit!

[Guild managment] Time and date of last login\

Update: this point was implemented by devs! Huray!

We got 300 people guild… It’s HELL to manage it! No way to understand – when members were online last time, so we do not know who is active player and who isn’t.

Please add ‘Last active’ string for each guild member in guild roster list! Such string already exist in friend list, but we need it in guild list much more!

There could be more guild information, but at least “last time looged in”. It would solve current HUGE problem. We need minimum data, to be able to kick players who quitted the game. It’s the main headache right now. Currently we do not have _any_ data considering guildmates activity. We need something, please! It’s the huge headache right now – to watch over 300 players and decide who is active and who isn’t.. More players wants to join, but they can’t do it before we clean up, and it is devilious hard. Sad.

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