Optimizing my websites

Considering that many things in the world are changing (and not always for the better) – I have to optimize a few things. Specifically, this site will move to the domain igroglaz.com after some time – the .info domain is getting more expensive every year; it’s now $25… totally unreasonable. So, I’ll move my personal blog to blog.igroglaz.com (which already has a redirect), and my game site will move to the main domain. I can’t do this immediately as I have to wait for search engines to update the redirect index (which takes about 3 months, unfortunately).

Additionally, I’m putting magery.ru on hold until better times. If I have something to publish from my book, I’ll post it here. I’m also discontinuing a few other domains for cost-saving reasons. The content won’t disappear; I’ll just move it to subdomains.

But there is good news:

  • The site for my new game is up – idleskills.com. For now, it’s just a placeholder, but by next year, there will be something to play. I’m reworking a lot of things in it because after a year of development, I’ve realized many problems I didn’t notice before. So, there’s a lot to overhaul. The process is ongoing…
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