tangar.info became igroglaz.com

Hooray, comrades! The migration is complete. Redirects have been set up. Here’s what’s new:

  1. I’m actively working on idleskills.com
  2. I played as a barbarian in the new season of Diablo 4. It was fun, but after a week I had played enough to exhaustion. It’s the best season so far, but still rough. D2 is ten times better
  3. I’ve tried various idle RPGs. Notable projects include Loop Dungeon
  4. I drop by Hearthstone now and then. The current meta decks are surprising in their randomness. The game has lost its mathematical precision but has become… more spectacular and fun for casual players
  5. I wanted to play Settlers 1. The most popular open-source port has a blurry issue blurry. I was too lazy to set it up under DOSBox. Maybe next time..

Developing a game is quite interesting; I constantly have to dive into game design depths and brainstorm the question, “What exactly do I want to create?” (it’s not always immediately clear); then into coding concepts – “How can I implement this so that the game is released this year, not next?”. I try to simplify things to avoid getting too bogged down – then polish up features after release. But leaving a bare skeleton isn’t great either… so I have to find a compromise.

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