Cheap endorphins in online games

I’ve created an interesting video on how to play games correctly. Comments from the bearish editorial:

The concept of “cheap endorphins” – getting quick and easy pleasure without significant effort. In MMORPGs, where players constantly feel satisfaction from easy-to-access achievements and rewards (ding!), this can create an illusion of productivity and success, promoting the release of endorphins – “happiness hormones.” This is normal…

…and similar to how chocolate or other sweets cause instant pleasure due to their sugar and other stimulating substances. Similarly, fishing, books, meditation, etc. – can provide short-term satisfaction, although they require more participation and involvement than eating chocolate 😉

The main question in these scenarios is the balance between short-term pleasure and long-term consequences. While “cheap endorphins” can provide temporary relief or joy, they often do not contribute to long-term development, satisfaction, or real achievements. For example, in games, this can lead to addiction or distraction from more meaningful life goals. However, in moderate amounts and with proper control, such sources of pleasure can be part of a healthy lifestyle, adding diversity and joy.

Ok, so here are some more examples of getting cheap endorphins, besides chocolate and computer games:

  • Sex: One of the most powerful natural stimulators for the production of endorphins (logically; evolution is no fool).
  • Intense physical exercise. Gym, running, swimming.. anything. Even without a gaming component (though it’s even better with it, like soccer). Workouts give the so-called “runner’s high.” You can combine it with the previous point, hehe.
  • Laughter: A natural way to stimulate endorphins, improves mood and reduces stress. And again, I want to note that for me, this sometimes combines with the previous points lol
  • Eating spicy food: Spicy peppers contain capsaicin, which stimulates the production of endorphins… personally, I don’t indulge in this)
  • Listening to music: Can evoke feelings of euphoria and happiness, stimulating the production of endorphins. Yes!
  • Sunlight: Moderate exposure to sunlight can increase endorphin levels… we’re making our move in the sunshine!
  • Creative activity (drawing, writing, etc.): Helps reduce stress and increase endorphin levels.

Yes, it’s fun.. But combining all of this together might not be cool! Otherwise, you might overdo it) it will be the same as when you overplay. So it’s better to have separate nutrition-sex-laughter-pepper-light-music. Or a little bit of everything.

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