Don’t drink wine in one gulp

Wrote the last preview in a hurry. Got Diablo 4 for a 3-day trial and scratched the surface… Survivor’s error out of mind. Such games should be savored slowly.

Now I’ve bought D4 with a 50% discount and I’m chilling out. I’m noticing some aspects of the lore that I hadn’t thought about before (see last stream). The game is solid… though I don’t retract my previous words about its downsides. But the positives still prevail; especially for old farts like me, who:
a) have nothing else to play (literally nothing)
b) want to chill without hardcore grinding. D4 is super-casual, which I like today… though my younger (pimply hardcore gamer) self would have despised it (well, I’m getting old, what can I say).

But let’s return to the main point – it’s important not to chug down collectible wine in one go. What taste can you experience if you just suck it out of the bottle neck? At best, you’ll get acidity and the prevailing sensation will be heartburn…

Wine is to be savored. Sipping it slowly from a glass after a hard day’s work. Then the bouquet truly unfolds.

And there’s no need to burn out immediately. A session longer than 2 hours is evil. This is again an analogy to drinking. A couple of glasses with dinner – fine. But guzzling like a pig every day, lapping up a liter at a time – will quickly kill the desire (or you’ll just become a plain drunk, nothing good about it).

In short, there will be many streams about D4, subscribe to the channel

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