MAngband (Multiplayer Angband)

Hiho! I’ve just started to play MAngband (Multiplayer Angband) –

Recently this game had a birthday – 20 years!

It’s got new website, relay between game and Discord ( and also updates comming soon. Gameplay feels very oldschool and I enjoyed it! My video stream:

As the most often question considering MAngband is ‘how roguelike could be played online, if it’s turn-based??’, I would answer it right away hehe:

Speaking literally, this is fast-paced turn-based game. But turns happens on real-time basis – something like every second is one turn passes.

Every turn player and monsters could make a move (perform an action). Drinking a potion, for example, drain only part of ‘energy’ from the turn. Having +speed items give possibility to perform more action at short period of time.

Easiest way to see how turns run – to equip torch and check ‘e’ several times in a row – you would see how amount of turns decrease on it.

To handle ‘real-time’, your character automatically fights in melee nearby enemies and all you need to do is approach them; magic spells and shooting has to be done manually thought, but also you could assign macro to perform actions faster and effectively.

There is ‘Newbie guide’ which could give basic info:

There is an update comming soon! You could check issues @ github:

Join the development! It would be great to get help from the community!

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