[analytics] Verbal MMORPG: MMORPG genre and Dungeons&Dragons-like tabletop RPGs

 It’s already for some time while I get bored by MMORPGs gameplay.. I played online games for 20 years (Ultima Online FTW!) and past ~5 years I started to look for ‘new feelings’ in MUDs (text MMORPGs) and online roguelikes (like TomeNET) because these ‘oldschool’ games give you move ‘sandbox’ feeling and have much deeper gameplay mechanics then modern graphical WoW-clone MMORPG @#$%.

And finally I made yet another step forward towards ‘better’ gameplay (‘Make MMORPG gameplay great again!’) and started to play Dungeons&Dragons tabletop games via internet. Actually you could call them ‘Verbal MMORPG‘. This is video with my first impressions and analysis of current situation between MMORPG genre and tabletop RPGs:

Would be very glad to see your feedback, folks! 😀

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