Voice interface in MUDs

It would be great to add voice control (and, in general, the voice interface) to MUDs – after all, this is the perfect genre for it; in fact it’s the only online games’ genre where such “interface” will be convenient, very useful and necessary. Why did this thought come to my mind? I’ve recently damaged my right hand and now I’m a one-armed pirate; I work only left hand and can’t play ‘common’ online games. It’s like to become temporary a disabled person…

Afre such event you immediately begin to understand how important it is to develop alternative controls and interfaces in games. I am convinced that if such an interface is properly implemented, it will attract a large number of new players to the MUD genre and in general will give breathe of new life into it (sadly, but now MUDs is quite niche game, even too much).

How ot impletent it?

The most basic way – software like https://www.voicemacro.net/ . There you could assign voice commands to macros and hotkeys. But it would be great to apply such system for a specific MUD-client, to make it more technologically-based approach, so people would be able to download complete product, then adjust their voice to commands and play; without necessity to setup all macros from scratch.

I propose to discuss this issue in the comments.

Also I was surprised to find that in our cozy Russian MUD-community there is still no channel discord; it’s time to create it. The link to the Russian MUD discord: https://discord.gg/RPaz6ut . The thingy of the discord is that it is possible to use from the browser; it is fast and does not load the system (unlike Skype and other trash).

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