TomeNET (online roguelike) got a major update – 4.7.2

TomeNET – online roguelike game based on Tolkien lore (with some additions from other fantasy worlds). Actually you could call it MMO-roguelike: in addition to traditional roguelike features – rng level generation, permadeath, dynamic hack’n’slash experience and freedom of actions, TomeNET has MMORPG features – real-time gameplay, PvE in group, PvP, economy system (players shops and housing) and etc.

This update gives new features, such as:

1) ‘Soloist’ mode – which restricts any possibility of ‘cheating’ – the transfer of money and items from high-level characters to low-level characters. Every character at this mode would be ‘ab ovo’, traditional roguelike gameplay!
2) New cool features in music and sound system. I believe TomeNET got one the most advanced SFX customization and now it’s become even more flexible.
3) New magic school – ‘Unlife… Istari (mages), Death Knights, especially vampires would be very happy!
4) New end-game boss (after you kill Morgoth, at 50+ lvl). Who is it?.. It’s a secret, players should unravel mystery by themself!
5) New ladder at the website which shows all-time ‘Super-uniques slay list‘ (starting from 2005)
6) Cool new bars for hp/mana/stamina
7) New dynamic day/night light events
8) Various bug fixes, UI improvements, balance changes & etc.

Full list could be found there:
Server-side changes:
Client-side changes:

Also TomeNET had ‘RPG server‘ opened again: play thrilling 1-character only mode at new generated map with force_down dungeons!

To see how TomeNET looks like you could check my past video stream:

Please ask any questions about the game in comments, I’ll be glad to answer them!

Cya in-game! 🙂

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