Legends of Aria REVIEW

Legends of Aria (30$) – an attempt to create UO 2 (open world, sandbox, skills, combat, craft and economy) with ‘nicer’ graphics. In general, you can call LoA “an Ultima Online clone” with the addition of a few new features and skills (for example, ‘fabrication’ skill used to make cloth from cotton).

Pros of “Legends of Aria”:

  • graphics are beautiful. Game works on nice, but cranky ‘Unity’ engine
  • sound and music are not bad.
  • dialogues with NPC, quests-events – the system is borrowed from SotA (Shrouds of the Avatar); the difference is that in SotA it works, and in LoA it is only announced
  • relief – really successfully implemented. Unity got some good things in it.
  • open beta weekend. Devs gave everyone to play for free before buying the game – at least they are not trying to sell a cat in a bag. For this – respect.


Modding. There is not a single MMORPG where modding was successful. Usually, the possibilities of modding the game indicate the impotence of the developers and their attempt to share responsibility for game fail with the community (they say that “you have modding possibilities – go ahead and fix our jambs”). Plus, devs offer us modding game which works on !Unity!, which is nonsense in itself; the game itself is kinda ‘mod’ for Unity engine with a bunch of glitches.. What kind of “modding” could be done there? By the way, LoA has already had a fail with the most popular server of the community – Legends of Ultima, which fell into the hands of inadequate people. Well, okay, let it all be ‘neutral’, not pro or con of this game.

Cons of “Legends of Aria”:

  • 30% of the territory is guardzone without free PvP. I don’t even want to comment on this, look at my video, it’s enough said there. How you could clone UO without taking the most important part of it – freedom?
  • There is no open-world; crookedly hemmed-up locations with loading (see video). This is a direct deception of players by developers. In essence, LoA represents the same set of pens for domestic animals as Albion Online. This is the problem of Unity, a very limited engine. Why they used it? To save money (the same at AO).
  • All stolen from UO. This seems to be a plus, but … in essence, the UO is better. So we got there a weak clone of UO (even the skillcap is stolen, though they hesitated to take it fully and made it 600, not 700), without the slightest imagination of the developers. Sadly.
  • Interface. The interface is worse than the UO, which was made, by the way, in 1996 – 22 years ago.
  • Optimization .. You crash into textures a lot; mountains are a special ‘song’.
  • Empty locations at release. UO freeshards are better populated then this !proprietary! game.

If you were hoping to see something like Ultima Online, I would not recommend ‘Legends of Aria’ for a purchase. If you just want to kill a month or two, you can try it.

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