TomeNET stages

There I got an idea about game stages. pre-Angband and Angband.. May be then there would be post-Angband, donno.

Anyway, lets try to look at this idea more detailed. I think there could be divided some more stages:

1) Bree Tavern stage – learn how to move and kill your first “t” accidentally  
2) Training Tower stage – learn how to fight and feel yourself quite confident to defeat Morgoth 
3) Barrow Downs stage – you found BD entrance! yaw!
4) Barrow Downs stage <300 – cursed rings and other funny adventures
5) Barrow Downs stage >300 – why I died? What happened?!
6) “heard about Orc Caves” stage – guys in chat told me about new place to try. Interesting.
7) Orc Caves travel – got warm meeting at the entrance to Orc Caves. Another beautiful grave in greenfields.
Darn, this stage list gradually become diary  We need another approach  

Please write which stages TomeNET has in your opinion 

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