TomeNET: crafting dreams

Crafting system could be very good implementation in TomeNET.. Currently I got problem with my hand and I can’t play in fast-paced mode to dual-hand/explore dungeons. But in TomeNET – exploring dungeons is the only thing to do atm. It would be fun to have an alternative gameplay, to be able to spend the time in favorite game even if you can’t run around with numpad 😥

It would be fun to have skill-based gathering system – so you could fishing or gather ore… Sometimes run from dangerous things. Move this ore to town, sell it or craft from it.

It has to be less effective (in terms of time/gain) system, less rewarding than killing monsters.. but more safer (so you don’t need to react too fast, or would be able to do it.. erm.. with one hand, sorry for my egocentrism)

Nowadays a lot of players having thiefs characters and it’s quite profitable and _very_ safe way to get income in the game. The only problem about stealing – it’s doesn’t give RPGish feeling of progress. If there, for example, would be skill-based system, it would be much more interesting. EX: if you attempt to steal an item, there is a chance that you would gain 0.1 skill point out from 100 (like in Ultima Online or other skill based games).

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