Cursed items which you can not remove _for a while_

In old times it was great to find a cursed ring of teleportation and won’t be able to remove it, but try to survive with it by getting to town’s temple to buy remove curse scroll..

But new V curse system is better, of course; perma-curse system where you couldn’t remove cursed items was too hardcore.

But. Now it’s a bit lack of old flavour. Player just wear all items, without any thinking; which become a bit boring approach.

Add HEAVY_STUCK item flag which will work this way:

if you wear items with this flag – you can not remove it for a certain amount of turns, eg X+YdZ turns.

Then if we will assign such flag to, for example, ring/amul of teleportation (and will make teleport chance on these as it was in old times) with 20+5d30 cursed-turns – a player will have a pretty funny situation – while he has to survive for a certain time under this conditions. When the time of curse ends – you are free to remove this item.

The same thing to other items – make non-removable curse not permanent, but temporary. Then we could put back old good stuff:

Weapon of Morgul
Crowns of Sickliness
Helms/Crowns of stat reducing
Cloak of Irritation
Cloaks of Vulnerability
Gauntlets of Weakness
Gauntlets of Clumsiness
Boots of Noise
Boots of Slowness
Boots of Annoyance

Each type of objects should have a different amount of turns to lift a curse (armours is highers, rings of teleportation – lowest).

This will add a certain amount of additional funny adventures; at the same time won’t make curses too annoying (when player had too thin chances to survive after occasionally wearing certain cursed item).

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