Tangaria’s haters

Recently I’ve announced Tangaria’s monsters update at Angband forums and got such reply there:

So what I can gather from reading your post is that there’s a niche for a PWMAngband server hosted by someone with a functioning brain.

I know that I’ve obtained some haters after my past criticism of Nick’s concept of V monster revamp. But in my critics I wasn’t rude to Nick, on the contrary I respected him (and respect now) and actually pleaded to reconsider the decision. Some people considered my post (maybe due that English isn’t my native language and I’m bad at it) as disrespect and attacked me with rude words there; while I simply protected the idea of compatibility between V and variants (eg MAngand, TomeNET – which all was based at old monsters.. now they are not compatible with V in terms of monsters, which is sad, but life is going on).

A year past and we all moved on from this old argument; but I suppose there always will be people who see me as an enemy. What could I do there.. Just put these people in ignore list on forum, I suppose.

Keep calm, carry on and play Tangaria 🙂 Today I’ll post new Tangaria lore!

Considering ster’s jest about PWMA servers: actually there are two classic-PWMA servers online, list is there: https://www.mangband.org/servers

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