Multiplayer Roguelike Multilingualization

Multilingualization of MAngband, TomeNET, PWMAngband, Tangaria – is possible.

Two years ago CBlue mentioned that there were korean server with multilanguage.. I’ve managed to find an ancient implementation of MAngband ML at internet archive (it’s in Japanese, but still): (‘marie-chan’, Japan) Recently founded server with following features added:

  • Multilingualization is coded; for now, this server supports English and Japanese.
    You can change the language used in the game by typing special commands on the chat-line(‘:’), for example ‘@!english’ to switch into English mode.
    In the next version, the server will send messages in appropriate language for each player.
  • Some other patches are applied.
    Be careful, ‘anti-arts-horde’ patch is applied.

And there were even files, available for download! It’s possible to implement multilanguage following the existing works (most of pages linked are written in Japanese, though..):

Mangband054-070 Japanized client(client msg/chat) by TeO/Doi
Famous Japanized client. (un*x+kinput2 or win32)
IM support for chat also works for Pern3216:)
(Pern-version[patch kit/win32 binary] is available in Yakina’s site)
Mangband070/PernM3216 client with XIM support(chat) by Gin
This allows input strings via XIM, which should be able to work for various languages in a smart way:)
Pern3216 version of this patch is available also.

Mangband070 server-msg translator(all msg!) by Yakina
This translates the original server messages into other language on the server side.
Players can change the translation table manually; for example, typing ‘!@english’ as chat message will set the language into English.
In the future, Each client will be able to specify into what language the message will be translated. server is running with this patch(though only Japanese).
This should work under pern3216 also(if tables are ready;)
[the website is in English; local repository also available]
Pern3216 Japanized client(client msg/chat) by U-hiro
This replaces client messages with Japanese ones.
This uses Gin’s patch above for XIM support.
(Pern3216 server-msg translator by U-hiro)[announcement only]
Supposed to translate server-side messages into Japanese on the client side?

Yay! One day…

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