Realism in Angband

In general, game balance is more important than realism. Of course it’s great to make stuff to make sense.. But if there is a choice between following precise realworld medieval experience and making game less balanced – hell to realism. This is magic world which has it’s own magic physical laws.

At the same time it shouldn’t be too non-realistic. We have to find compromise between realism and game balance.. I mean – we shouldn’t be too tedious in trying to match precise values to real-life.

Current weight is ok in terms of lore/realism to me. Imho the problem is to rebalance different weapon in early/mid/end game; so heavy weapons would be more useful for early-mid game. How come that dagger is more ‘dangerous’ weapon then bastard sword? It’s actually makes less sense and more important than ‘realism weight problem’.

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