Quests for TomeNET

Old grumpy orc:

– Hey you! YOU, with stupid %player_weapon% in your hands! Come here, I have a job for %player_class%er like you!

– I’m old orc and do not know words of politeness. This scummy humble-words is not for me. Yes! But I need help. And I’ll pay for it! Don’t you like small shiny coins, sweety? AHAHAA
– So, pretty %player_race%y, ahahah.. Business is serious. I worked in city guard all my life! Yes, don’t be shy about orc in guards! I know that you don’t like our kind. I dont like you either, but still I bore my duty in honor… and its a free ale for guards also. So.. I’ve heard that one of my old enemies take off from prison in %random_city_name% and is after me. He is bold %random_race%, with huge ugly scar a his forehead. Yes! Its me who gave him this scar AHAHAAH!! But now he want return a faivour, I’m sure. His name is Alkan and he is already in town, brags to his “old friends” in tavern how he would cut my throat AHAHAHA We will see who is first… Are you up to help an old bones? Paying pure silver for this small request.

Farmer and harvest // at wilderness near crop fields

Beg your pardon dear adventurer! Please could you help me to gather my harvest? I stretched my back and can’t work… Please help!

Mushrooms for a hobbit // btw mushrooms is growing pretty good in dungeons.. may be generate fields of mushrooms there?

Hello! It’s seems you are quite adventurer! I need some mushrooms for my soup and trade fair just ended yesterday. Its quite an adventure to go to the forest and bring me some mushrooms! Would you accept this quest, brave %player-class%?

Wounded elf

*You see something in a bushes*

Oh, no! Its an elf! He is breathing heavely. What do you do with him?

[leave him alone] [try to heal] [kill]

[try to heal] if player has healing potions – throw it to elf or use healing spell at him

[kill] …

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