Tangaria update — 56 races, charisma and building random houses!

Hi! I’m developer of Tangaria (https://tangaria.com/) – free open-source multiplayer roguelike game loosely based on Tolkien’s lore and powered by PWMAngband (derived from MAngband, which derived from Angband 😉 It combines the complexity and unpredictability of roguelike genre and social features of MMORPG: kill monsters together with your friends, chat, PvP (on demand), build a house and open a store to trade your goods with other players… with advanced real-time gameplay – game become semi turn-based when your character is injured.

I was quite shy to promote my game, though in the past I’ve made plenty of promotion there for other great multiplayer roguelikes (MAngband, TomeNET , PWMAngband). It’s funny – but it’s much easier to tell something good about other’s people games than about your game 🙂 But I suppose I should find the courage to declare my multiplayer variant to rlg community too..

So.. I work on Tangaria for two years. PowerWyrm (PWMAngband developer) help me a lot in this – and PWMA became one of the best roguelike game engines where you could do amazing stuff. Recently I’ve finally started to code stuff and made 3 major updates:
1) addeded 18 new races: so now we got 56 races total; all of them are quite classic fantasy and each got it’s special flavours.

2) roguelike housing paradise: Now when you build house (yep, you can do it in this multiplayer game – to open your shop and put there items to trade with other players) – each house got it’s own unique random generated appearence by using hundreds of different walls and floors;

3) charisma: just finished this update 🙂 Recently I’ve returned CHR stat and now trying to make it interesting. Goes pretty well!

So.. I’ll be very glad to answer any questions about multiplayer roguelikes, it’s history (check my article about it).. and of course about Tangaria 😉

Cya in-game and welcome to our discord: https://discord.gg/zBNG369

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