[impression] Experience curve

I very liked how experience/lvls progress was till lvl 40+. I was able to visit and finish (kill dungeon boss) all dungeons – from Orc Cave till The Illusory Castle and everywhere I got good experience. But then I came into Mordor.. At first it was ok, but after 45 lvl I felt that I have to go very deep to get any experience cause huge gulf which appeared between dungeon lvl and char lvl. 

Right now I’m druid dwarf 47 lvl. I just finished Mordor. I wanted to check Dol Guldur and Deads Paths, but there is not point to go there cause I would get experience at such dungeons (yellow or even grey.. and I wear Nazgul ring which drain exp, so yellow is no option). The only place to go is Angband. So I have to pass two dungeons (for the first time) and its sad a bit.At the same moment monsters made a HUGE leap in difficulty. At the beginning of 40 it’s beginning quite hard to play, but still possible. Occasionally I drinked potions of healing, but not too much of them. At 45 you drink one potion after another and death is following you every step. Dung lvl and char lvl difference make too HUGE galf there. I like this style of gameplay, its very hard and interesting, but such sudden increase of difficulty was very unexpected. 

Graph at google docs: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ … sp=sharing

I’v made it from guide page: http://www.tomenet.eu/guide.php?chapter=3.10

You could notice there this big jump at lvl 40… I have very strange feeling to play at 45+lvl. Game difficulty curve at high lvl has too cruel takeoff. You have to migrate from one deepth to another too fast.

I suppose there could be some rebalancing of this curve. 
As maximum lvl is 99.. An the most higher characters for 10+ years is 70 lvls.. Ok, we got two 91 yeeks also:
http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-browse.ph … &n=&e=&s=0
May be there could be made some arragements to correct exp/lvl/diffuculty curve after 40 lvls a bit? More 40+ gameplay to 10 more lvls up, so you would have time to visit Dol Guldur and Deads Paths. Before 40 lvl everything was quite ideally.. But afterwards it feels very strange. I could describe gameplay process like this: “You have to jump like a little frog between dinosaurs”. Its fun feeling, I like it. But its starting to be like this too SUDDENLY. Changes to hardcore gameplay has to come more gradually imho.

Of course, there are some races who has 350-400% exp penalty. But may be game has to be adjusted at majority of the races gameplay (80-150% exp)? More gameplay time at certain dungeon is better then possibility to miss it.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m enjoying TomeNET. Just wanna to tell my impressions, maybe my “eye of new player” could be useful.

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