Fishing (crafting skill)

TomeNet is MMORPG. And for each MMORPG its nice to have crafting – possibility to create something, to obtain items not only from killing monsters, but also made it with your hands.

I understand that its kinda hard to add something like this and do not disturb balance of the game. But we could do something simple, but fun.Fishing.

Its really easy to implement (in compare to another crafting like mining and blacksmithing). If you stay near lake or any another water make it possible to fish with a fishing pole and lure (which you could buy @ provisioner shop).

Lets it would be a new “move” for each character.

Also its cool to have skill based system. When you start – you have skill 1. Then after you catch fish – its 2. To go from 50 fishing to 51 you have to catch a 50 fishes (for example). More fishing you got – more various and valuable items you could get.

What you could get from fishing:
1) fish. you could eat that. high-end fish (for skill 100+ for example) could cure wounds, give buff.. even may be restore sanity
2) shoes :) of course its joke! ) but truth that you can get not only foot armour, but a lot of items! at high lvl make it possible to obtain magic items! may be even possibility to catch chests with multiple items.
3) monster! fishing @ high levels give a lot of profit (magic fish and items), but also its dangerous. You could catch water demons, sharks.. even deadly leviathan and KRAKEN (damm!!)

What you would need to start:
1) buy fishing pole from provisioner. simple fishing pole would cost 100 gold and you would be able to catch ~50 fishes with it. steel fishing pole – 500 gold (100 fishes and more valuable items) & etc. So better fishing pole – more durable and better items to catch. Mithril pole would give you a really nice items (or kraken hehe)
2) lure. you could only buy it. TomeNet needs lure to remove excess gold from the game. So every cast of fishing pole would cost some gold because of lure cost.

How it could be made:
1) with a single pushing of key you cast a line..
2) every tick server give you a message like:
“everything is still”
“you hear wind”
“deep at water something HUGE moving to you” (message if you would catch monster soon)
3) if you get message “float twitched” or “bob on move” “bobbing!” – you have to catch a fish by pushing the same key which you started fishing process.
4) if you miss message about “bob” – you have to start fishing again.

Also… There are a lot of features could be made. For example different types of water would give different result.. Even may be add some lava fishing for Barlog? Who knows :) But for now I think it would be cool just to have simple system :) It would be fun to fish in TomeNet :)

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