[development] TomeNET tileset

‘1-bit graphics for TomeNET‘ pseudographics font project development thread there

To download please visit project webpage 

Downloads for developers
excel with monsters: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ … sp=sharing (thanks to Lightman for compiling exel template!)

Development roadmap:
1) DONE drawing powerful non-boss monsters. they would be based at glyphs. 
2) DONE if we would have extra tiles – make more different bosses and terrain
3) DONE testing
4) DONE redrawing and polishing tiles
5) DONE make size variants of font – 16×24, 12×18, 10×17 & etc 
6) work continues! hope to see more tiles.. Right its not possible to map characters at: 0, 2, 16—31, 141, 143, 144, 157, 195… With all this characters it would be possible to enhance graphics a lot 🙂

Note – think about other variants for such bosses:

living lightning
hydra (redraw)
dragonrider (!)
mage (redraw)
morgoth (redraw)
big Q (redraw)
demon (!)
succusub (redraw, make it more sexy)
vampire (redraw… or maybe replace?)
nazgul (!)
yeti (redraw?)

You are free to suggest your creative stuff to make project better!

TomeNET GRAPHICS: converting .ttf to .fon and making monsters ♣ MMO-roguelike game


Some notes:

– To convert .ttf to .fon you could just import any .ttf to Fony via: “file” -> “import” -> “installed truetype font”.

– Just found out (already after stream!) that there is bitmap grabber at Fony which could take _any_ tile from tilesets  To do so:
1) open .FON file
2) “file” -> “import” -> “from bitmap”
3) choose a number of symbols to import %) Voila!

So its possible to take anything from any tileset with 1 mouse click!


Guide # 1: I’ll show how to create two color tilesets very fast and beautiful 

Guide #2: I’ll show how to make FONT .fon from any picture or tiles in Fony

Example: it’s pretty cool to take TomeTik tiles for old ToME ( http://pousse.rapiere.free.fr/tome/ ) and monochrome monsters from them @ 77 threshold. 


I’ve made video guide – how to port/draw monsters from tilesets:


Anyone could help there! Links to instruments:

— Fony – http://hukka.ncn.fi/?fony 
— “Angband” with awesome 32 and 64 tiles – http://rephial.org/
— any graphical editor with BW and Threshold functions. If you don’t have ps installed, try this ones:
—– free GIMP https://www.gimp.org/downloads/
—– free paint.net http://www.getpaint.net/index.html
—– free online photoshop http://www.photoshop.com/products/photoshopexpress

Right now most wanted monster tiles is dragon! Its quite hard to make it with 21×31. We need more variants to choose the best one! And all other monsters… Now we got only A-D %)) A lot of work ahead! Please don’t to participate!

Not-mappable monsters for font:

death sword, hellblade, stormbringer;
chaos tile, null;
old man willow, huorn, xiclotlan;
tangleweed, poison ivy, giant venus flytrap;
stunwall, livingstone, lesser/greater wall monster, roper, golgarach;
door mimic, 
void jumpgate mimic; 
all creeping coins.

Presentation of tileset (also posted it at reddit)

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