RoM2 server updates!

Recently our ‘Rage of  Mages 2’ server got loads of new updates!

– max skills is 110 (up from 100!)
– no need to create ‘lift’-characters – high lvl char could enter ‘easy’ maps
– new ‘Quest’ maps with ‘Strenght +1’ balance
– new client
– mage/warrior rebalance
– fixed bugs
– PvE at all maps except ‘Quest’
– No exp for quest in taverns, only ‘legit’ gain via monsters
– new monsters (eg low-mid stone curse monsters which can’t really bind you char, but stun him for very tiny moments)
– No ‘mail’ to get stat potions, only kill dragon/high lvl mobs quest
– Special ‘bazaar’ on Hard maps which helps to get mid-game equipment faster; no need to grind shops for hours
– Fair-play rules
– 100+ players; online up to 12 players (for new hat it’s pretty good)

And very friendly community! 🙂

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