Monetization suggestions due new wagons system

We all understand that devs needs financial support to feed their families. 30 employes in the company – it’s a lot and each member should have good salary to make the game better and better. In general – if devs will get more $ – they will put more efforts to the game and make it better, so we (community) should support dev team and buy stuff. But.. stuff should be good for us to buy, so it would feel like a contribution, not like robbery 🙂

Recent wagon changes wasn’t accepted by game’s community in a good way as timers for opening chests made it obligatory to login to the game at time when you may consider isn’t good for the game. Previously players had more freedom, and taking freedom from people who already had it – it’s a very bad idea.

I suppose this changes made to increase game’s monetization output. But instead it could make a lot of people quit the game after some time as avarage person play the game to rest and relax… while watching timer 24/7 makes the game feel like a tedious and useless work.

Suggestion considering wagons:

1) return back old system of wagons

2) add 2 more types of wagons to the gems shop; right now there are only premium wagons, add there two more types – 4h and 8h wagons. Then it will be the same thing actually – people who willing to open wagon for $ will just buy it.

In general game will have much better monetization if shop prices will be cheaper, more accessible for wide amount of players. Game needs good deals.. not 125-162%, but 250-500%. Then people will buy stuff.

125-150% just doesn’t make sense really cause all other mobile games got 250-500-1000% value packs. Player get used to buy GOOD deals in other mobile games; while 125-150% sounds like a waste, not a good deal at all.

Also it will be good to remove mixed deals – with bonus exp or auto-spin together with gold and gems. Make deals pure 1 type of resource, cause most of players willing to buy something specific – eg gold or gems. almost no one needs bonus exp (only a few people could consider buying it at the last day of season maybe if they wasn’t active during it)

Also Season Pass.. it’s said that it’s 800% value. But for real it’s kinda ~200% value as progress bottleneck is gold and Season Pass gives you only 600 gems = 12k gold, which won’t help much.

So for a lot of players Season Pass isn’t attractive (thought it’s still the ‘best deal’.. but please compare it for stuff which you got for Clash Royale Season Pass, for example – one month duration, 35 levels of rewards, unlimited participation in events (which gives a lot legendaries)…

In Clash Royale player without and with Season Pass – it’s two different universe. While in Battle Legion having or not having Season Pass – doesn’t really makes much differences in player’s progress. Which makes most of players do not buy it (why to buy if it won’t change nothing?).


It’s really cool to see Battle Legion an UNIQUE game with it’s own gameplay style, not like any other… That’s why players love it. But why not to make some more brave steps in increasing it’s uniqueness? Make you own UNIQUE model of monetization. Complete the revolution. Gameplay is pretty revolutionary. But game’s progress is quite common for mobile games.. Common, maybe a bit too long-term, becoming boring at endgame when you stuck at rank 12 without possibility to see new units at rank 13 in nearly foreseen perspective.. but still progress is ok, compared to another mobile games. At the same time monetization is pretty bad. I’ll rate current game state like this:

Gameplay 10/10

Player’s progress 6/10

Monetization 3/10

Why not to make evertything 10/10? 🙂 You can do it, Traplight!

To fix progress* – implement new ranks with new units the way so most of playerbase at highest rank will be able to use them after 1st week. So applied to current situation – it should be so all people who was on rank 12 – will be able to see new rank 13 units in a week of gameplay.

To fix monetization – see stuff which I wrote above to make it 6/10. To make it 10/10 – go the path of Path of Exile and Dota 2 – cosmetics.


*Considering progress:

Maybe design progression like this – release 3 units (as it’s right now). After one week most of high-rank players should be able to get to 1st unit.. At the end of second week – to the 2nd unit.. At the end of 3rd week – 3rd unit. And then you should release new 3 units (I suppose 3 units per month is a good goal).

It’s very important for players to feel that they are not stuck, but moves towards the game (even slowly), getting rewards at certain checkpoints. It’s important to preserve this feeling at endgame.


Add an option to buy life-time Early Access Season Pass for 50$. Buy-to-play model like Guild Wars 2 got – it’s really good one too.

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