Small tutorial-guide for new Ultima Online players: what to do?

Ultima Online – sandbox game, where you are free to do what do you like. I’ll try to tell a few words, how to start.

1) When you create character – take magery skill, it’s quite hard to gain and it’s useful for any character. Second skill could be any other, based at your style. Take max strenght, other paramaters isn’t too important in the beginning.
2) The best place to start – Britain, the most popular city at the most servers.

Then, I would suggest try to interact with enviroment around you. For example:

1) Use (double click) dagger at tree. Then double click at kindling which you get. You would raise camping skill and have a lot of stats gain
2) It’s easy to get some gold from bowcraft. Buy axe. Use axe at trees to chop them. You would get wood. Use your dagger at this logs and create bows. Sell this bows to NPC in shops with command “vendor sell”
3) Collect all junk near bank which other players throw away. There could be loads of useful items for newbie.
4) When you are ready – go to Britain graveyard (to the north from Western Brit bank) and fight 

Good luck!

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