Problem Solving in Game Development

It’s funny, but usually when there’s a need to implement a certain feature, the most obvious solution lies within the realm of programming. But this is often far from the best solution. The most intriguing and optimal solutions usually reside in the field of game design.

That is, game design tasks should be contemplated as a game designer first and foremost, and only then as a programmer. Recently, I’ve leaned heavily into coding and I see that I often start moving in the wrong direction. This became particularly evident when implementing features in Rage of Mages 2

The algorithm:

  1. When a task arises – compile a list of potential solutions within the current gameplay mechanics.
  2. Then, drawing from these ideas, if they do not solve the problem – compile a few more hybrid variants that combine game design and coding.
  3. If nothing works – it’s time to implement a new mechanic from scratch, rolling out the big guns.

This approach allows you to first explore existing possibilities, then seek creative combinations, and finally, if necessary, consider developing new elements (among other things, this is the most resource-intensive).

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