Tibia KOS-list (Kill On Sight)

Hi ho! As we play at relatively new server and everyone knows each other, lets create enemies list?

I suggest to create such structure:

– What happened
– Why happened
– Names and lvls of enemiesWhat happened:
I’m quite newbie and didn’t had any PvP yet. Yesterday it happened. Two griefers killed me when I wasn’t aware, at magic shop. You could find it at my past stream:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-YkVGUG57Q Second time they tried to kill me near train statues, but I managed to escape. So it’s not just random stuff, they are hunting me.

Why happened:
I am streaming, so some people like to get an attention, to get into the stream this way. I’m trying to ignore such people, it’s trolls who would be bored eventually, but for now it’s not pleasant experience.. They could watch my stream, knowing what I do, where am I & etc.. So I’m very vulnerable when I stream the game. Thats why I need you help, guys If you would have a chance, please kill them. Do not speak with them, just kill&ignore. Do not give them attention they seeking of. Thanks 

Names & lvls:
1) ********** (censored)
2) ********** (censored)

AFAIK they are ~20 lvls. It seems this is just incognito alts.

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