NetHack — best roguelike game

NetHack is a totally free hack’n’slash single-player major roguelike video game originally released in 1987. It is a descendant of an earlier game called Hack (1985), which is a descendant of Rogue (1980). It is a multiplatform game, and runs on BeOS, DOS, Mac OS, Windows, Unix, and some others. NetHack is unforgiving: if you die, you stay dead. There is no save-and-reload crutch here. Put simply, NetHack is a harsh mistress, whose respect you must earn. In time, you learn to respect it back. There are lots of curious monsters and items, which can interact in numerous ways for surprising (and sometimes humorous) results. 

So I’ve made a few stream – my hardcore adventures in Nethack — oldschool roguelike. One of the most complicated & interesting game ever! 

This is my first NetHack letsplay here. We start to discover NetHack world with my cat!

And another three parts also in English:




Also I got a lot Nethacks’ streams in russian, you could find it there: … Mri6LqleSX … pIT4yEsPnS

I’m eternal newbie in NetHack and I enjoy YASDing for some years  First time I played NetHack at my father’s pentium 75 when I was 10 y.o.  Now I’m 31 but still play at quite the same success rate as 20 years ago hehe. And I love it %)

I’m streamer (making video about games) and I already made some NetHack vids in past years. But for now I didn’t play NetHack for some time (mainly cause I played TomeNET – btw its very interesting MMORPG-like roguelike game), but now I’m returning to NetHack’s Alma Mater 

I’ll continue making live streams and would be very glad to see you there  As I said, I’m eternal newbie and I like to ask my viewers for advice sometimes  If you are experienced player – you are welcome to help %) And if you are new player – please ask any questions about Nethack – I’ll be glad to tell all what I know about this beautiful game 

I do not have certain schedule for my streams; in most cases its in evening. If you would subscribe to my channel – – you would receive notifications when it starts 

Btw in my next video I’ll make a guide about NetHack config file and tell some basic stuff about it (how to setup autopickup only for gold & etc). Please offer other subjects for guides %)


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