[M&M 6] Potion brewing without guides/save-loads: minimum req. lvl

Hiho! I wondered how we could get on with potions if you try to avoid spoilers/guides/save-loads scumming in Might and Magic 6? In MM6 there is no recepies (compared to MM7)..

So I’m thinking about such workaround – to use spoilers for potion brewing, BUT drink certain potions only when characters would reach certain lvl. So it would be like ‘artificial’ restrictions which I’ll apply for myself to have legit and balanced gameplay.

But as I’m newbie in MM6 I’m not sure – which lvl boundaries I should choose? So I need your help, guys! So far we got such potion’s tiers:

First Generation (common)
Second Generation (green purple orange)
Third Generation (white)
Fourth Generation (black)

First & second generation potions should be without lvl restrictions I suppose. Others – should have it. Maybe even each different potion could have certain ‘complexity’ parameter, eg:

Essence of Might could have min. req. 15 lvl, while Essence of Intellect could have min req. 20 lvl (I pick up this numbers by random, we need to find proper ones).

I’ll post this message at several web-resources so we could make real brainstorm about it. Maybe there are also other ways to solve this problem? Please share your suggestions! I suppose I’m not the only person who wanna play with proper balance, as drinking black potions from the start by googling guides makes your newbie gameplay experience much less enjoyable (feeling yourself like you are cheating).

SPOILER considering brewing Black Potions in MM6, HOWTO (click at button below to show secret):


Essence of Intellect: Red + Yellow + Blue + Blue.

Essence of Personality: (Yellow + Blue) + (Red + Blue) + Blue.

Essence of Speed: Yellow + Blue + Yellow + Red.

Essence of Accuracy: Red + Blue + Blue + Yellow.

Essence of Luck: (Yellow + Blue + Blue) + (Red + Blue).

Essence of Endurance: (Red + Yellow) + (Yellow + Blue) + Yellow.

I still didn’t get proper solution from other players.. So I suppose we could use this restrictions:

  • Essence of Might: 5 lvl
  • Essence of Intellect: 7 lvl
  • Essence of Personality: 10 lvl
  • Essence of Speed: 13 lvl
  • Essence of Accuracy: 15 lvl
  • Essence of Luck: 17 lvl
  • Essence of Endurance: 20 lvl

Would be glad to see your comments.

Yet Another Update:

When I’ve played I made some investigation on potions, there they are:

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