Ultima Online @ Rel Por — fresh view

My past post about Rel Por shard was like an introduction… Now it’s time to make some suggestion to it’s developers.

So what I could say:
Rel Por its a diffenetely unique and very interesting UO experience. You, guys, made huge and great job of creating new world… But there is some problems imho, which could be solved to make everything even better.

The most important is to understand – ‘why Rel Por wasn’t successful previous time, why population declined from 300 to 50 online?’. If we would understand it, it would be success next time. There is several reasons (please add more if I miss something or correct me if I’m wrong)…

Main reason is – ‘world was too big’. Idea of Rel Por – create small scale world, OVERPOPULATED shard, where players meet each other very often. More often then @ other servers. Devs made HUGE work, introduced beautiful features and thought there are would be a lot of players after server start. I suppose server was initially calculated for much more people then 300… Thats why even for 300 players world wasn’t small enough and server declined to small amount of players.

Now devs tried to fix this problem and they reduced world size after wipe, but….

My opinion: 
1) It has to be reduced even MUCH more than now. While there are not too much players around – world has to be tiny. If more players would come – make it bigger. It’s better to have small populated world, then big without anyone there.

– currently there is 3 towns – neutral Galven & ArborVSVermell. Make it two towns who fight to each other, no need 3 at the current population (~50).
– dungeon rotation… It has to be 1 active dungeon at the time, not 3.

2) Remove second recall rune, leave one @ binding stone. It is enough for tiny world. People would run for their houses, its totally ok distances. More running – more meeting of other players.

3) Make towns hostile to each other: if I join militia I have to fight with other town guards and could try ‘take by storm’ enemies’ city. I joined militia in my video and it was pretty boring without people around.. But actually it could be designed to be an event for small amount of players and even solo. Just add some militia NPCs which would guard city relic or something like this 

All this three points quite easy to implement… Although, there are more innovative stuff could be added. Next features is harder to implement, but I think they fits to Rel Por to make it better place:

1) Make UO without macro by adding capcha system to all activities, not only gathering resources. I’ve already suggested it at previous version of Rel Por forum, but it was wiped. Fortunatelly, I save all my messages at my website.

Why? Cause it would make Rel Por REALLY unique place – the only one server without macroing. Its unique feature that a lot of players want to get.

2) to make people stay online constantly – add currency for staying online (kinda veteran rewards). something like this: https://cataclysmuo.atlassian.net/wiki/ … -+Platinum . It would make very good online for the shard 

3) Revamp skill cap. STOP. Please don’t throw stones into me  Listen. There are loads of shards with 700 skillcap. I play with it for 20 years and I really bored to have loads of characters and loads of account. I wanna have 1 character for all my activities. And its fits perfect to ‘tiny territory’ concept.

How we can do it without ruining balance? Simple. Add possibility to use (to be active) only 7 skills at once, but give possibility to gain all skills. So for example, player could have 3k skillpoint, but he could use only 7 skills at the moment. Add 5 minutes CD for reassigning skills. So if I wanna play crafter today – I could do it.

Quite close system right now works at official UO servers – soulstones system ( http://www.uoguide.com/Soulstone ). Its a bit corrupted – it could be made much better with our, free shards, coders 

And another approach to skillcap: make skillcap only for battle skills – melee, magic, taming, theif – so they are maximum 700 at once. But give possibility to any character to have all other skills.

4) Add custome houses, but only small tiles houses, up to 10×10. Building in UO is one of the best features atm. Its sad that we can’t do it at Rel Por.

Thats it.

Why did I spent my time to write this post? Cause I belive that people who created such unique place like Rel Por could make revolution in UO  It’s so close, so close…

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