[LIST] Online roguelike games – multiplayer roguelikes, MMO-roguelike

Currently there are 3 truly online roguelike games:

1) MAngband ( http://mangband.org )
2) TomeNET (http://tomenet.eu)
3) PWMAngband ( http://powerwyrm.monsite-orange.fr )
4) Tangaria ( http://tangaria.com ) // soon would be renamed to ‘Tangaria’

– PernMAngband it was actually TomeNET, which was renamed cause copyright Pern issues. 
– TomeNET is the most popular online roguelike; but also there are two more online roguelike games – MAngband (was 1st online roguelike ever) and PWMAngband (got some pretty revolutionary stuff). I myself develop Tangaria (Tangaria).
– I tried hard to be able to play Nethack online, but didn’t get success; it seems all devs abandoned their work long time ago.

Also some online games with strong roguelike elements:
1) Tibia
2) Mystera Legacy
4) RotMG (not too roguelikish, but interesting)
5) Orake

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