Diversity of terrain in Angband (roguelike)

Commenting guy from Dwaft Fortress forum:

it’s still the exact same boring dungeon generation big empty room, very long corridors of nothing , no special dungeon features or etc

I suppose it won’t hurt if the game would more terrain features, eg:

– water generation (streams and lakes, flooded levels)
– chasms (also different types, some could work like ‘big’ pit-traps, floors-like where you could fight with monsters (with certain +/-); some like deep descent chasms)
– more types of terrain – floors/walls. Online roguelikes (PWMA and TomeNET) got different layouts in the dungeons, it makes adventure more diverse. As V got one dungeon, it could have such features just certain lvls, eg
— some levels could be ‘cold’ (with icy floors which could be slippery – such ones exist in TomeNET; ice walls (melted by fire easely).
— some could be hot (with sand, which is easy to dig) etc

Also TomeNET had relatively recent update with great way of ‘inserting’ parts of the ‘interesting’ terrain in the dungeon. So in common ‘stone’ dungeons could be small patches of sandy walls (they looks very organic as they come in certain group/pattern, not randomly; it looks and feels very fun), maybe V-devs could investigate how it’s made in TomeNET code

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