Tangaria – let’s the game begin!

Yay! Our server now got it’s new home:


It was my dream for a long time: to have proper, truly online roguelike gameplay without cheating, stair-scumming, everlasting and other stuff with spoil the fun and habitate people to play ‘wrong’, non-roguelikish way, so after a while they loose interest to the game. No! In my opinion, online roguelike should propose different philosophy opposite to MMORPG boredom hoarder-simulators.
Roguelike – it’s just you, your skill, your guts.. and your freedom.

Freedom from fear of death. Freedom from fear ‘to loose’. Every adventure – counts. Every death – is an achievement. Every new character – is a happiness of unique exploration experience.

It’s came at last! Time to dive! You are welcome to join the game 😀

Our server features:
– permadeath mode only. Traditional roguelike experience.
– one character per account. It’s forbidden to have more than one account per person.
– disconnected stairs. Up/down staircases are not connected between levels to prevent stair-scumming.
– consensual PvP only: both players must be hostile to each other. No ganking 
– limited ESP (makes telepathy work in a nearby radius)
– no_wilderness option. Quintessence of vanilla gameplay – just dive ™. Soon there would be a new update with hybrid gameplay – with simultaneous possibility to lurk in the dungeon depths from the start or go and explore wilderness on map which is based on ME 😀

…and more are comming 😀

To see how game looks like – my past stream (there are also update of my ‘metamodern’ haircut lol):

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