Allods 2 in 2023: The Adventures of Wayngor

Allods 2 continues to live on the internet for over 24 years. Come play on my server of this wonderful Russian MMORPG. Here’s a little feedback from a new player.

Author of the tale: Wayngor (Wayne)

A little feedback from the newbie after 6 hours of sweaty gameplay. First island – about 2-3 hours, mainly delving into the mechanics, kicking squirrels, collecting the first bronze armor set, battling with level boss – necromancer. I’ve met a new friend, also newbie and we decided that the necromancer should rest in peace.. after the first fail and run for bags.. happened the second run. and the realization that without supplies we can’t do nothing, so we bought healing scrolls and finally defeated the culprit. So liked that after the server restart, we did this trick with his ears for the second time, great. Cooperative in this game makes life of inept alloder much easier.

The second island – the map called Muddle or Middle (sorry I don’t remember), we started in the middle of hell, every millimeter of the map is fighting, bats squeal on the skeletons, orcs fighting with people, and the druids generally with everyone who runs nearby. Real bacchanalia! We had to remember who is running around, take the first quests.. respawn of the mobs is very fast! You can’t run away from the center because then it will be very hard to recover items if you die. We almost managed not lose anything, until we met with the necromancer level 2.. Finally we managed to get some items and experience and moved to another map (again, forgot the name) starting in the village where is.. like a guard and even a magician, I think. Well, at least there we will be safe..

WHHAM! 5 seconds later came a bunch of squirrels and almost completely cleared the village – our damned magician threw fireballs which hurt even his own allies… We barely managed to chase the squirrels, but they promised to return. In general, summarizing.. we had a lot of adventures on our backside – at each bush there sits toothy creature and does not give boredom. Interesting experience for 6 hours, it was very interesting. Thanks to everyone who told me what to do.

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