RoM2: hardcore PvM mode test

Test of new mode started. Please note that it is ‘raw’, I did not have time to check anything at all. 

Good news: there is English patch 🙂

1) there are PvM cards, without a PK (I did not check :), if it does not work, I will fix it tomorrow). In general, the hat is PvM, all PvP is exclusively in the arena for now.
2) this is PvM of increased complexity, the so-called Hardcore mode (there is one in Diablo) – your char has 1 life. Upon death, experience is reset. The bottom line is that there is money left) Well, the mage also preserve spells…
3) … and these spells are much more expensive than usual; they also have changed parameters (need to be tested). Therefore, if a warrior upon death coudl just delete char and start a new one after death (do not forget to move your gold), the mage will need to be player with 00000 skills to save spells.
4) you start naked) the mage does not have a magic shield, you need to buy it
… and something else.

From the cards, everything is as before, for the test of norms.

There was a wipe. And there will be another wipe. And not even one can be. While testing, try the chips. Spells must be rebalanced, I will write about this later.

I was terribly tired of sorting out the guts of A2, while I took a break and gradually I will continue to work on the fan. Please do not turn over questions, requests, and so on. For now, you only need to report bugs 🙂

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