Rage of Mages 2 @ Unity: demo

ZZYZX made demo release of RoM2 in Unity game engine. How to run:

  1. Download archive:
  2. Unpack it to ROM2 game folder (only original CD or GOG version; client from our server won’t work!). If you fail to find it – check this minimum package, it will do (password: allods2)
  3. Run Allods.exe
  4. Choose “Window” mode and click “Play!”
  5. You will see game’s window. Press shift+~, to open console and type there: map kids3; then close console with shift+~
  6. That’s it! Now you can play and test!

Basic multiplayer is already supported! For this, you need to open two instances of the game. In the first one, run two console commands in succession: host then map <map name>. In the second one, open the console and type connect localhost. Note: the host instance does not have the player. Up to 64 clients are supported currently!

Don’t forget to give star to the project https://github.com/jewalky/UnityAllods and welcome to RoM2 discord to say “hi!” or help with development 😉

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