Rage of Mages 2: new classes

The hat development team made great stuff:

  • Fixed a bug with the duration of buffs with skill 208+
  • Added the ability to change the maximum stat parameters of character
  • Added customization of the amount of loss of experience when the character dies

This allows us to introduce new classes on the hat, which will gain special flavour with the future Body+2 balance (T4). So… Maximum class parameters:

    • Warrior 52 50 48 46 – good old warrior. At T4 will have less Earth Protection, but will have more vitality
    • Amazon 48 52 52 52 – magic resistance in exchange to health
    • Mage 48 46 52 50 – retains its usefulness due to its good survivability; prefers magic staves
    • Witch 43 58 65 50 – “glass cannon”. low hitpoints is compensated by the power of spells casted “by hands” (both attackers and buffs); fast turning speed helps slip away from the PK.

These are all experimental parameters; during the testing process they could be modified both upward and downward.

Further, as part of the experiment, the fines for death on the maps were changed:

Important clarifications:

  • for death from PK – experience is not lost (exp loss only if monster made final blow)
  • on the “ARENA” map you do not lose experience and items – this is a map for training PvP

Write your feedback on our discord channel 🙂 See you in the game!

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