Rage of Mages 2: new item drop system

New change in drop upon player’s death:

– Probability of inventory drop = 33%;
– Probability of drop for equipped items = 0%

Why so? The thing is that getting equipment is extremely hard with our system of progress. Therefore, the loss of the main piece of equipment can make your character completely unplayable. You can just lose the ability to keep playing if you loose important item. At the same time, if you remove the drop altogether, the game becomes insipid and boring. We need some kind of interest, risk. For this, a drop of items from a backpack is ideal – after you loose them – they can be quickly restored by purchasing consumables in the shop (while replacing a dropped weapon or staff can sometimes take several hours). The risk in PvP remains, the reward also; all the more so for experienced PK players’ items are often sent to the trash – they already have everything. But consumables (scrolls, potions) are always needed for battles – and they can be obtained in these particular battles.

As a result, it turns out to be beneficial to everyone. PK players will always have someone to fight with – after a fight with them, players will not have to spend hours recovering their progress due to lost gear .. Because of this, in previous seasons, PKs remained alone on quest maps after depriving regular players of their material base. Now there will be no such problem.

And new players are also good – there will be an opportunity to study in PvP without fear of being left without pants.

Other recent changes:

  • Now ANY 5th humanoid monster (+dragons) on maps horror#6 has a chance to drop ANY item (including the top one). The chance is small, but it exists :slight_smile: The system is new, we will polish it in time
  • added server #9 – Arena. Its main purpose is to test new items and features, but there you can also practice PvP without risks to loose items or EXP. now there are staffs of fire and a lot of monsters to test them. Note that the speed in the arena is different from ordinary servers – it is maximum
  • Quest maps now got additional gold drop:
    server #7 T0 quest — 2x gold drop;
    server #8 T1 quest — 3x gold drop
  • #6 Horror maps:
    – ANY 4lvl monster-humanoid have chance to drop very good items. Big monster got bigger chances.
    – drop chance of best items from 5lvl monsters increased 5-10x times #7 quest
    – all monsters gives +50% exp; +25% experience on #8 server
  • #server 8:
    1) earth resistance: dragon4 -> 88; dragon5 -> 92
    2) fireball spell damage buffed
    3) RandTomb and DarkLand map enfoncement
  • #4 & #5 servers: additional bonus to defence from mithril and adamant lowered
  • added resistances limits for classes. Resistance table: https://igroglaz.com/en/rom2/rage-of-mages-2-guide
  • reduced PvP magic damage modifier (differently on each difficulty)
  • New stats at #8:
    52 52 62 52 warrior
    52 62 52 43 amazon
    52 52 62 43 mage
    54 62 52 52 witch
  • The mage has reduced maximum resistance against water and air
  • Yay! fixed problem with simultaneous multiple questing taverns, so now we can have several taverns per map. Please test taverns at #5 server (soon all other servers will have more taverns too)
  • multiple taverns added at all difficulties
  • fixed two bugs – on the wrong maximum resists for warrior and the lack of drops from monsters
  • On server #7, you can now drink a potion to get spirit above 43; this potion could be found in the quest #7 bosses. If you drink the same potion on map #8, you will be able to raise your spirit above 52. See the table https://igroglaz.com/en/rom2/rage-of-mages-2-guide
  • On server # 8, the experience for killing level 4 monsters has been reduced

Please write reviews and ideas. Thank you all for the discussion.

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