What I learned playing TomeNET: fighting with fear

It is extremely curious to learn lessons and improve your skills in real life by playing MMORPG. For a long gaming career I learned a lot – from the experience of managing communities and leadership to the skills of processing a large amount of information in a short time & etc

Recently, my main teacher nowadays is TomeNET. What did I learn from playing it?

For example, fighting fear. When I’m afraid and play too cautiously – I often make mistakes. Fear intensifies adrenaline and jitters, which leads to making mistakes. And of course, the speed of progress suffers – playing too carefully make you to achieve the results very slowly.

This is also applicable in real life. Excessive fear leads to loss of control over yourself and your actions. Increased caution can lead you to miss important opportunities; you will become a slave to the fear of failure.

Far better is to boldly get involved in a fight. Not recklessly, calculating situations – but be prepared to lose everything and start from the beginning. If others can, why can not you? Forward!

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