Devilian story by Tangar Igroglaz

Hello, friend. My name is Tangar (Tany in childhood) and I live at Seadrift realm. I am Evoker.. Or you don’t know who is it? Hm… Some people call us magicians or wizards. You said that you want be a wizard too?.. Wait for my story, friend.. Where did I stopped? Oh well, you wanted to hear more about me.. By my leadership for the last four and half hundred years exist small guild — “Angels”… You could ask me – how Devilian could be called Angel? Not everything at once, my friend, this story is for another day.. Right now I’ll tell you how everything started and maybe you would change your mind to become a wizard.

* * *

Don’t judge me for my language. I was from common-folk and didn’t get any education. I was born and Windbrook Village. You know, quiet place at the west cost, place where fishermans lives, poor but happy. My family had best fate than sea dwelling – my mother was taken for a work as maid at Van Houte manor. I didnt know my father though… But we had decent life, my mother was one of the most beautiful womans in manor, and our master take cared of her well. Al least I though so that time…

Still I was an ordinary girl, just the same as other kids. Everyone called me Tany – by the name of small funny fish. All my childhood was happy, although I started to help my mother in washing, ironing and other work when I was 8. But I still got enough time for playing with my friends – mainly sons and daughters of local fishermans. It was the most happy days in my life… Everyday was like the same – laughter, running around, swimming happily.. But one day everything changed.

I was 13. It was holiday, sunny weather, salty wind was warm and tender. We played with my friends at the center of village. Suddenly I felt SOMETHING strange inside me… It become cold and hot at the same time at the tips of my fingers. My hands become trembling. I was afraid and tried to knock off _this_ from my hands.. And this is what happens next:

Something horrifying. Huge flames appeared from the air and in a moment enormous ice globes come from the sky and melt in that flames. I couldn’t control it, it was just happening without any purpose! I was petrified. But this flames didnt hurt me, frozen globes didn’t make any harm to my little trembled body. After a few seconds it was ended. Its ended very abruptly. I looked around…. All my friends, my beloved friends, little kids… was dead. I killed them with this foul magic, which I’ve made time in my life, so sudden, so ubnormal. I was shocked and paralized, cant even cry – I looked around myself, I saw burned bodies of my friends… Its a dream, it can’t be!

VIllage folk came. In a seconds they, fishers, grabbed me, teared me:
– WITCH, she is DEVIL witch! BURN HER! KILL HER! HANG HER! – cried mad crowd.

I was tortued by fathers and mothers of my friends, while they took me to huge tree. There they tortured me, someone brough thick rope.


Do you recognize this tree, friend? It still grow near village…

Our village priest nimbly tied a knot at my neck and I was hanged like a small fluff by the triumph of crowd… But I didn’t die. I become flying… I didnt want to, but I flew.. I though

People still fear to come to close to this rusty doors at old ruins…

Perun was a drunkard and villagers laught at him everytime when he trailed around village and sign songs at strange languages…

But now he had a sober look. I even didnt recognize his bright eyes. They shone with blue fire.

– Beware… Don’t move.. And don’t talk.. Its too dangerous in your situation.. – he said softly.

I wasn’t even tried. I was still scorching with pain in all my cells.

– Just listen me, poor child – said old Perun and took a big sip from dusty bottle.

Perun told me that I’m a devilian. It was so long time since they appeared in the World, that people even forget their existance. He told so much complex things – about world’s creation, about eternal war and devils who trying to conquer our world again and again from ancient times..

– You are choosen, Tany. World is in deadly danger. Only you and other devilians could safe us.. – he finished his long speech.

I got bloody tears in my eyes.

– I’m just a killer! I killed my friends! I don’t want to live!.. – I cried and blood came from my lungs with loud caugh. I choked with blood…

Perun made fast movement and took me at his hands like I was a snowflake. He become to sing strange song and silver magical threads appeared from the air and waved around me… I stopped coughing and started to breath.

– It would end soon, you would understand everything, I promise, kid. – told Perun quietly and kissed me into forehead.

* * *

As Perun said, in a few years become a War. Devils’ legions came and destroyed all what I loved. Perun brought me to sacred chamber and teached me all what he knew. He appeared to be one of the last Devillians who survived The Last War. Then _they_ found us. Perun told me to run and created a portal fo me. I didn’t want to go and wanted to say that I would fight with him, but he just throw me in to portal and it was closed… I was alone at the bridge… Then I felt something touch my leg. It was my small friend – little rabbit Niky, he managed to follow me and jumped to portal. His ears were trembling because of cold.

Yes, it was deadly cold there, but I didn’t thought about it. Where is Perun?! Did he managed to escape?!.. I took a deep breath, casted mantra of warm as Perun teached me… Then I took Niky, layed him in my bosom and start my way to smoking chimneys at the end of horizon.

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