Reaper of Souls — Песня о Diablo 3. Song about Diablo 3

My song about Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls:

Text of this song:

Prime Evil is smiling from the inside of cursed stone
All I have is sorrow about Lia’s poor soul
But I’ve waited too long and I have to go again
There is no end, nevermind what they say

Reaper of Souls is going on to the fire
My soul is going on to the night
My soul is going on through the fight
My soul is going on to the …

My weapon is broken, sky is so grey
It’s raining all day, but I cannot stay
No matter how long, but I’ll find the way
You have to pay for your deeds, Malthael!

You’ve won the battle, but this war cannot stop
With all you power, you are still not god
But you could bring the light to people who need help
And because of heroes humanity not at the end


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